Smart border control
with IMSC C4I

Intelligence with different sensors allows to perform comprehensive identification
of the target, its coordinates, type, size, speed, amount, etc.

Towers, Radars, Automatic ground sensors, Unmanned aerial vehicles

Underground motion detection sensors

Optical, Thermal, PTZ cameras

Wireless terminal, Radio communication, Weaponry, Day and night vision, GPS tracker

Microwave, Radio, VHF communication, Multimedia exchange, Wired backbone communication channels

Solar panels, Wind turbines, Power inverters

  • Once the intruder is identified the system calculates the interception mission.
  • All the control over the mission is real-time, including the objects tracking and troops vitality.

State border protection

IMSC C4I is a system specially designed for integration and operation of all on-duty state border infrastructure. It allows to achieve the maximum effectiveness from the available technical and human resources by constant control at various levels of the command hierarchy.

Incredible flexibility in integration with security equipment makes IMSC C4I S a cost-effective solution: it can be integrated with the existing border facilities to level up its efficiency and ensuring further evolution.

Command, control, and communication.

The IMSC C4I system allows to significantly increase efficiency of instructions and orders delivery, and to sharply reduce response time. The probability of successful order execution is increased through the real time control of the state of command posts and forces as well as orders and instructions receiving and execution.

A variety of sensors, radars, CCTV devices in addition to advanced communications make it possible to control the situation anywhere, anytime and in any conditions. Wide use of computing minimizes the influence of “human factor” and allows to execute calculations and simulations with the speed and accuracy of a machine.

IMSC C4I Analytics

Border Intelligence & Information Management

Collecting data from:
  • Radars, optical & thermal CCTV cameras,
  • Automated ground sensors,
  • Patrol teams positioning,
  • Information from border posts & forces.
Processing data to built-in:
  • Intrusion detection system;
  • Warning system;
  • Generation of reports of border activities;
  • Creation of the analytical solution base on the date from the strategic and tactical intelligence.

Border security sensors

Border surveillance & security system provides 24/7 total border control by integrating with the range of sensors such as:

  • Reliable radars with no moving parts;
  • Ground sensors & perimeter security;
  • Long range 24/7 Combined cameras;
  • Thermal imaging cameras;
  • Distributed / discrete sensor systems.

Such architecture allows detect, identify, classify and track people or targets moving near the state border.

IMSC C4I key benefits

  1. Real time control over the situation at the border from an observation point to the command center;
  2. Monitoring of the all boarder infrastructure operability;
  3. Unified data storage of all events along the whole border, on all layers and levels;
  4. Control of the duties fulfillment by the personnel;
  5. Significant reduction in incident response time.

IMSC C4I Building Blocks

IMSC C4I supports unlimited number of command levels and geographically distributed units of border control. Data from the diverse surveillance equipment is fed in real time mode instantly becoming available throughout the command hierarchy in the relevant area of responsibility. Wherein all the information, such as technical condition of equipment, information about targets, personnel actions and communications, any other parameters is logged and stored in the unified data warehouse.


GIS based subsystem


Video control management subsystem

IMSC C4I Administrator

Administration subsystem

IMSC C4I Alarm

Warning subsystem, management and coordination of geographically distributed mobile and stationary security control points

IMSC C4I Motion

Computer vision subsystem for processing & analysis of video data

IMSC C4I Monitoring

Monitoring subsystem for integration and control of different technical and software subsystems into one system

IMSC C4I Event

Incident management subsystem

IMSC C4I Report

Report subsystem

Border surveillance & security system
provides 24/7 total border control

IMSC C4I analytics tool uses situational and GIS data in complex computer algorithms to automate calculations and to provide comprehensive decision support to the users. Together with the built-in unified communication center it enables effective orchestration of patrolling and interception missions.

Problems that IMSC C4I will solve:

  • Inability to control the border 24/7
  • Border services infrastructure needs
  • Border services using only regular forces
  • Illegal immigrants influx
  • Illegal weapons & ammunition influx from neighbor countries
  • Contraband influx

Integration of different information sources (radars, sensors, CCTV) and software into a single security system

Logging operational information, system events, recording of all the voice messages in the system

Real time forces and resources calculation for command stuff decision process support & control centers sync

Map of the operational environment with all the moving targets routes and information from patrol units

Visual / sound alerts and reports when the target is in the area of responsibility of the system

Authentication, identification of the operators, electronic access keys, backups, remote control & blocking